Conference venue

JR Hakata City

Access to Hakata Station

By train

Get off at Hakata station and you are there!

From Fukuoka Airport

  1. From the domestic terminal
    1. By subway: Fukuoka Airport is the terminal, and Hakata station is just the second station.
      Time: approx. 6 minutes, Fare: 260 JPY. English is available at the ticket vending machine.
    2. By Taxi: Time: approx. 10 minutes, Fare: 1,200 JPY - 1,500 JPY.
      (There are two main gates in Hakata station, Chikushi gate and Hakata gate. Getting off at Chikushi gate is cheaper)
  2. From the international terminal
    1. By subway: Take the free shuttle bus to the domestic terminal (15 minutes) then take the subway.
    2. By Taxi: Time: 1,200 JPY - 1,500 JPY (to Chikushi gate)
    3. By bus: available from No.1 bus stop at the entrance of the terminal. 15 minutes, 260 JPY.

How to take a bus in Fukuoka

a. Paying by IC card

If you have an IC prepaid card sold at the airport or the train station (at the information or the ticket vending machine), then touch the IC card reader on boarding and touch again when you get off. (There are three kinds of cards sold in Fukuoka, SUGOCA, NIMOCA, HAYAKAKEN. Any of these will work for any public transportations.)

b. Paying by cash


Guide Map around the Conference Room

The PDF file is also available.

Guide Map 1 Guide Map 2 Guide Map 3

List of restaurants in JR Hakata City

In addition, there are many restaurants and delicatessens around JR Hakata City: KITTE Hakata, JRJP Hakata Building, Hakata Ichibangai, Hakata Hankyu, Ming, ...

Direction from the conference venue to the banquet venue

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