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Monday 12 November

9:159:25Opening Address: Masato Wakayama (Executive Vice President, Kyushu University)
9:259:30Opening Remarks: Kenji Kajiwara (Chair of the Organizing Committee)
9:3010:00T01 Masatoshi Noumi: Elliptic hypergeometric integrals and associated determinant formulas
10:0010:30T02 Tomohiro Sasamoto: Discrete KPZ model and Frobenius determinant
10:3010:50Coffee Break
10:5011:20T03 Reinout Quispel: Duality for discrete integrable systems
11:2011:50T04 Luc Vinet: Difference and q-difference Heun equations
11:5012:20T05 Rei Inoue: Cluster realization of Coxeter groups and its application
12:2014:30Lunch Break
14:3015:00T06 Nalini Joshi: Hidden solutions of discrete systems
15:0015:30T07 Yoshitsugu Takei: Stokes phenomena and connection formulas for some discrete Painlevé equations
15:3016:00T08 Yousuke Ohyama: q-Stokes phenomenon on basic hypergeometric series
16:0016:20Coffee Break
16:2016:50T09 Claire Gilson: Quasi-pfaffian identities and noncommutative discrete integrable systems
16:5017:20T10 Andrew Kels: Hypergeometric integrals, Yang-Baxter equations, and 3D-consistent equations
17:2017:50T11 Da-jun Zhang: Rational solutions to quadrilateral equations
17:5018:20T12 Jarmo Hietarinta: Integrability of quad equations: CAC vs. BT

Tuesday 13 November

9:259:55T13 Masataka Kanki: Coprimeness property of the Toda type equations over multi-dimensional lattices
9:5510:25T14 Jianzhi Cheng: Degree growth and special solutions of discrete equations
10:2510:55T15 Takafumi Mase: Dynamical degrees and singularity patterns
10:5511:15Coffee Break
11:1511:45T16 Giorgio Gubbiotti: Growth, invariants, Lagrangians and integrability for four-dimensional recurrence relations
11:4512:15T17 Anton Shchechkin: Bilinear relations on q-Virasoro conformal blocks and Painleve A7(1)' equation
12:1512:45T18 Kanehisa Takasaki: Toda and q-Toda equations for Nekrasov partition functions
12:4514:30Lunch Break
14:3015:00T19 Pavlo Gavrylenko: Deautonomization of cluster integrable systems
15:0015:30T20 Takao Suzuki: Cluster algebra and generalized q-Painlevé VI systems of type A
15:3016:00T21 Joe Pallister: Linearisability and integrability of cluster maps from affine Dynkin diagrams
16:0016:20Coffee Break
16:2016:50T22 Basil Grammaticos: A panoramic view of discrete Painlevé equations: form E8(1) to A1(1) and back
16:5017:20T23 Anton Dzhamay: Gap probabilities in tiling models and discrete Painlevé equations
17:2017:30Short Break
17:3019:30Poster Advertisement Session

Wednesday 14 November

9:259:55T24 Xing-Biao Hu: Discrete integrable systems and their links to numerical algorithms and orthogonal polynomials
9:5510:25T25 Andrew Hone: Continued fractions and hyperelliptic curves
10:2510:55T26 John Roberts: Birational maps over finite fields and probabilistic models for their dynamics
10:5511:15Coffee Break
11:1511:45T27 Shaoshi Chen: Local and global aspects of D-finite functions
11:4512:15T28 Lucia Di Vizio: Reduced differential systems and calculation of the Lie algebra of the differential Galois group
12:1512:45T29 Claude Viallet: Singularity analysis of maps beyond 2 dimensions
12:4513:15T30 Tomoyuki Takenawa: The space of initial conditions for some 4D Painlevé systems
13:15Lunch and Excursion

Thursday 15 November

9:259:55T31 Wolfgang Schief: Integrable discretisation of hodograph-type systems, Abelian integrals and Whitham equations
9:5510:25T32 Boris Konopelchenko: Integrable structure in the discrete 4-dimensional Plebanski equation
10:2510:55T33 Sanjay Ramassamy: Miquel dynamics on circle patterns (Suppl.: Mathematica notebook and GeoGebra file)
10:5511:10Coffee Break
11:1014:30Poster Session and Lunch
14:3015:00T34 Wayne Rossman: Surface discretization and Lie sphere geometry
15:0015:30T35 Shizuo Kaji: A linkage mechanism that follows a discrete sine-Gordon/mKdV equation
15:3016:00T36 Elizabeth Mansfield: Difference moving frames and its applications
16:0016:20Coffee Break
16:2016:50T37 Simon Ruijsenaars: On hyperbolic, trigonometric and rational specialisations of van Diejen’s relativistic Heun operator: Progress towards their Hilbert space versions and eventual E8 spectral invariance
16:5017:20T38 Satoru Odake: Dual polynomials of the multi-indexed (q-)Racah orthogonal polynomials
17:2017:50T39 Kerstin Jordaan: A characterization of Askey-Wilson polynomials
17:5018:20T40 Alexei Zhedanov: Askey-Wilson algebra and a generalization of the Heun operators
19:30Banquet (With the Style Fukuoka)

Friday 16 November

9:3010:00T41 Masato Okado: Integrable systems arising from Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals of quantum affine algebras
10:0010:30T42 Hitoshi Konno: Elliptic stable envelopes and finite-dimensional representation of elliptic quantum group
10:3010:50Coffee Break
10:5011:20T43 Ayumu Hoshino: Macdonald polynomials of type Cn with one-column diagrams and deformed Catalan numbers
11:2011:50T44 Makiko Sasada: Dynamics of the box-ball system with random initial conditions via Pitman's transformation
11:5012:20T45 Rod Halburd: The Carlitz derivative and integrable systems in finite characteristic
12:2014:20Lunch Break
14:2014:50T46 Decio Levi: Conditional symmetry preserving discretizations: the Boussinesq equation
14:5015:20T47 Yasuhiko Yamada: On q-Garnier systems
15:2015:50T48 Yuri B. Suris: Billiards in confocal quadrics as a pluri-Lagrangian system
15:5016:10Coffee Break
16:1016:40T49 Frank Nijhoff: Lagrangian multiforms and a quantum variational principle
16:4017:10T50 Maciej Nieszporski: From Yang-Baxter maps and tetrahedron maps to discrete integrable systems
17:1017:40T51 Adam Doliwa: KP maps and context-free languages
17:4017:50Closing Remarks

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