Registration and hotel booking

Please go to the registration site (provided by Nippon Travel Agency).

You can register for the conference by September 30 2018 and make a hotel booking from this site. Early discount will be applied by September 15 2018.

Accommodation for participants has been secured in blocks. If you would like to book by yourself on other booking sites, it is highly recommended to secure the booking sufficiently early. Actually, November is high season in Fukuoka and sometimes it is difficult to book accommodation. For example, the Sumo (Japanese traditional wrestling) tournament will be held in Fukuoka during November 11-25 which is expected to make the booking tight.

If you need financial support, mainly for early career researchers (within five years after obtaining their Ph.D degree, counted from May 1 2018), please first register and submit your presentation (payment can be later). Then, send an email with your CV and a list of your works attached to by June 30 2018.
Please specify what kind of support you need:

  1. local expenses (accommodation + registration fee),
  2. travel expenses (+ registration fee),
  3. full support (local + travel expenses + registration fee),
  4. other (please specify).
Since our funding is limited, it would be much appreciated if you could make an effort to obtain as much (partial) support from other sources as possible.

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