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実行委員会の当初の予想を遥かに超える,大変多くの参加者にご登録いただき,現時点で既に会場定員から数名分の余裕しかありません.したがって,事前登録なしの参加は基本的にお断りせざるを得ない状況です.もしこれから参加をご希望の場合,予め実行委員会 ( 宛にお問い合わせください.もしまだ席に余裕がある場合には,ご参加いただけます.その場合,参加費として当日40,000円を現金でお支払いください.なお,遠足と懇親会は既に参加申込みを締め切っています.以上,ご理解をいただけますよう,よろしくお願い致します.

SIDE13実行委員長 梶原健司

Third Announcement

SIDE 13 is the thirteenth in a series of biennial conferences devoted to Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations, and in particular to: ordinary and partial difference equations, analytic difference equations, orthogonal polynomials and special functions, symmetries and reductions, discrete differential geometry, integrable discrete systems on graphs, integrable dynamical mappings, (discrete) Painlevé equations, integrability criteria, Yang-Baxter type equations, cluster algebras, difference Galois theory, quantum mappings, quantum field theory on space-time lattices, representation theory, combinatorics, numerical models of differential equations, discrete stochastic models and other related topics.

The first SIDE conference took place in Estérel, Quebec, Canada, May 22-29, 1994. The event was so successful that it gave rise to the series of conferences since held in the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, France, Finland, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, China, India and Canada.

SIDE 13 will take place at JR Hakata City Conference Rooms, in Fukuoka, Japan, from November 11, 2018 (arrival day) to November 17, 2018 (departure day). JR Hakata City is located within JR Hakata Station in Fukuoka, and is just five minutes travel from Fukuoka Airport by subway. Fukuoka is one of the oldest historic cities in Japan and famous for its excellent local food. Transportation to and from other major cities in Japan is frequent and reasonably fast: there are more than 60 flights per day from Tokyo (1:30), and more than 70 JR Shinkansen trains per day from Osaka (typically 2:30).

It is expected that the number of participants to the meeting will exceed the number of available slots for talks and posters. The scientific committee will therefore have to make a selection of proposed presentations. Applicants will be informed of the decision of the scientific committee by August 10 2018.

In general, all talks will be allotted 30 minutes (including discussions). A poster session will be organized and each presenter will have a short two minute oral presentation to advertise the poster. Poster Awards will be organized for students and early career researchers.

There will be no parallel sessions.

Instead of publishing proceedings we plan to arrange a book of abstracts (up to 2 pages each in A4 size).

Important Dates

Registration Fee and Related Costs

Accompanying persons will not be required to pay the registration fee. However, if they choose to attend, the conference dinner and excursion will be charged as above.


Accommodation for participants has been secured in blocks. Please refer to the online booking system available at the registration site above. Rooms with double bed or two beds will be available on request.

If you would like to book by yourself on other booking sites, it is highly recommended to secure the booking sufficiently early. Actually, November is high season in Fukuoka and sometimes it is difficult to book accommodation. For example, the Sumo (Japanese traditional wrestling) tournament will be held in Fukuoka during November 11-25 which is expected to make the booking tight.

Financial Support

Limited financial support, mainly for early career researchers and students giving presentations, will be available. The deadline of application will be June 30 and the result will be notified July 30.

Other information such as detailed submission guidelines will be given in later announcements.


SIDE13 is supported by


JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15K04862, 16H03941, 18H01127, 18K03435, 26287018,


JST/CREST “Development of Verified Numerical Computations for Mathematical Modeling”, and


Fukuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.


The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University        Kyushu University

Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University

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Fukuoka City

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